Competitor Information

Technical Regulations

To compete in Circuit Excel race meetings, you need to ensure your car complies with the Motorsport Australia Group 3E – Circuit Excel technical regulation.

Please feel free to contact the CEASA eligibility officer if you have any queries.

Engine Sealing


The CAMS mandated national control tyre for Group 3E Circuit Excel is the Federal 595 RS-R (in 195/50 size). Circuit Excel SA has negotiated a deal for supply of tyres, where the club receives a $10 rebate on each tyre sale through the exclusive SA distributer – SA Motorsport Tyres.

To order a set of tyres, call the mobile number on their website and speak to Mark, and mention you are a Circuit Excel competitor, to ensure you get the best price and the club receives it’s rebate. Tyres can be purchased loose (including free delivery to any tyre retailer in the Adelaide metro area), or fitted for an extra charge on their premises (which then comes with free track side support at SA State Championship race meetings).

Beginners Information Pack

To assist people with no prior racing experience to fully understand all the steps required to go racing with us, the association has published a Racing Beginners Information Pack.

The pack contains information on what types of CAMS motor sport they can compete in, how to gain a CAMS licence, where to get details on technical regulations for building a Circuit Excel car, and what to do and where to go on their first race day.