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A brief history of CEASA

Circuit Excel racing in South Australia first debuted at Round 2 of the 2011 State Motor Racing Championships at Mallala Motorsport Park, where 7 cars competed in a combined field with MGF’s. Over the following years, entries steadily increased to the point where Circuit Excel was given its own stand-alone races, and now attracts the biggest entry list of all categories, with over 40 cars at each round.

The category came about when long time racer and engineer, Trevor Pound, donated a Hyundai Excel X3 road car to the newly formed CAMS (now MSA) Junior Development Program in 2010. Shortly after, whilst at a practice session at Winton Raceway, Trevor happened to meet a driver who raced a Hyundai Excel, and impressed with its handling abilities, saw the potential in the Excel as a cheap race category. It was soon discovered that such a category for Excel’s already existed in Rallying, and after some negotiation with the CAMS (now MSA) SA Motor Racing Advisory Panel, it was agreed Excel’s could be raced at Mallala race meetings as Tarmac Rally cars under the CAMS Rally Excel specifications, but with permission to run different size wheels and semi-slick tyres to suit tarmac circuit conditions.

Other states soon followed, running their own variations of Circuit Excel, and it was soon realised that a national set of rules needed to be introduced to allow drivers to travel interstate and compete without having to make modifications to meet eligibility.

The Circuit Excel Association of South Australia played a pivotal role in co-ordinating and drafting a national set of rules, and in September 2014, CAMS (now MSA) published a new set of technical regulations for Hyundai Excel racing in Australia: Group 3E – Circuit Excel. The association was also instrumental in establishing the Circuit Excel Management Committee (CEMC). Formed in May 2015, the CEMC involved representatives from each state, and was tasked in the ongoing management of the category in regards to technical specifications. In 2020, CEMC was disbanded and replaced with the Circuit Excel Racing Association (CERA), who will guide and promote Circuit Excel racing in Australia.

Objectives of CEASA

  • To progress the sport and category of Group 3E Circuit Excel in South Australia
  • To foster positive relationships with key stakeholders in the sport and category,
    including Motorsport Australia, CERA, Event Organisers, and other Group 3E Circuit Excel
    regulatory bodies or associations.
  • To consult, collaborate and lobby on behalf of members, desired changes to
    technical regulations, to relevant bodies such as Motorsport Australia and CERA.
  • To guide and educate Group 3E Circuit Excel vehicle owners and competitors, on
    policies, rules and regulations relevant to the category that are being applied by Motorsport Australia, CERA, or event organisers.
  • To seek out motorsport, promotional or social opportunities which provide tangible benefits to being a member of the Association.

Constitution & Association Policies


The executive committee of the CEASA is listed on our Contact Us page.

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